Congratulations on their win to our Relay Team at the Royal windsor Horse Show Freddie, Suzie, Hatty and Katie.

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Hound Exercise – SATURDAY 23rd October 2021

**Benbow Stables, Trap Lane, Ockley, Dorking, RH5 5QX

12.30 pm £15 each

Please remember to dress appropriately, shirts ties/stock and suitable breeches and boots, jackets are not necessary if hot but if worn tweed is correct at this time. disclaimer: please print sign and bring with you need a new one each season but only one per season
Please book in with me Di 07749702081 Between 8am and 8pm only please
We have Tea After so please bring a contributon of a cake or a few sandwiches and join us
💥 Everyone who wants to attend mounted will need to print off and sign a 2021/2022 disclaimer and hand it in to us before they can ride! 💥
A good opportunity to remind your horse about hounds and start getting ready for the upcoming season!
All welcome – no matter if you’re a regular with us or it’s your first time out.


Please book in with as above any other queries  call  Di 07749702081 and please only call text or whatsap between 8am and 8pm
(fb messages & comments are fine at any time) AND Bring a signed Disclaimer with you for this season. 
Please remember to dress appropriately. 
There are guidelines and the good hunting guide on other pages for you to read, any queries please telephone or text or message and I will do my best to help.

Under Current Covid-19  Guidelines we are unable to organise tea, please ensure you bring your own.










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