Sunday 9th December
12 noon
 Hunt Ride on Leith Hill all welcome parking by/on the Green at Forest Green £20 each please book in so we have some idea of numbers with me

Di 07749702081 8am to 8pm only 

Smart Casual please




  £50 each £30 under 21’s
Please book in with me Di 07749702081 and please only call text or whatsap between 8am and 8pm
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Please remember to dress appropriately.  There are guidelines and the good hunting guide on other pages for you to read , any queries please telephone or text or message and I will do my best to help. Please bring food for tea after Where you are all invited to join in and have a cup of tea cake and talk about the day 

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Sunday 18th November Dunsfold area further details to follow




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Report from Master Susan: The KSB Relay Team and hounds both had their second outing at the South of England show earlier in the month.
The team consisting of Hatty, Freddie, Katie and PhilIp did a fabulous job on the Friday and despite two very exciting heats were unfortunately beaten both times. The coakham who we were up against first did go on to eventually win. Thanks as always to the team, and their support entourage- while it is fun it is a lot of work… they had a couple of practices and had all the effort of tack and turn out before competing. In particular a massive thanks to Philip who stood in at the very last minute when both Susie’s horses were out of action. Their next outing is Peterborough 18th July- some hounds will be going too- it is quite a long way to go but if anyone wants to come -get in touch and we will try and sort lifts.
The hounds did a lovely little turn in the countryside alliance ring on the Saturday- it was the first appearance for some of last years new entrants but they were brilliantly behaved and we got lots of interest and sensible questions! The hounds next outing is this Sunday at Cranleigh – they are in the main ring at 11 and on foot in the smaller ring at 12. Again, once you’ve recovered from the party the night before.. do come and support us and join us for a picnic by the lorries at around 1 afterwards.

 So the hounds had their first hound parade at cow pie at the beginning of may. There was a little excitement as I inadvertently let a few escape when I went into their pen make a fuss of them… they were quickly repatriated back with the rest of the pack, before they managed to cause any carnage….
They were also very well behaved when they went into the ring, and as as always their was a lot of interest when the audience were invited to come in to meet them.
Thanks as always to everyone who came to help. by Master Susan 
The hounds next outing is at Cranleigh Show on 1st July


So the team had its first outing a few weeks back at larkhill…. its a long way to go and the horses had to be well turned out for tack and turnout… there was mumbles from one or two of getting up at quarter to five, others talked of a slightly more respectable time of quarter past six….. we all arrived with plenty of time to walk the course… to some it looked rather intimidating to others it looked like fun…. cleverly the water was optional…..
we never expect to do terribly well in the tack and turn out… and needless to say we didint win… but they do look smart nevertheless …. we were quite low down the order list but just as nerves were about to fail it was our turn…. the whole team did a fabulous first round… every horse jumping everything first time… check out the two videos curtesy of Mrs Ford… first three team members in one and the last one in the second one. But that round is just a trial and everyone gets through…. our next round was pretty good… one or two rounds were not as sharp as the first but we thought we were in with a chance of getting through to the next heat…. so we waited and we waited…… but no, we were not through to the next round…. we think there might have been a bit of fudging with the timing but we’d all had a fab day so had our customary glass of bubbly for the non drivers and started the long drive home.



The teams next outing will be at south of England, Friday 8th June- do come and support them and afterwards in the lorry park for some refreshment… contributions welcome


Please book in with me Di 07749702081 between 8am and 8pm only please

 HUNTING – Please come and find the secretary on the day we usually collect caps before the meet, so please help by coming to find us.

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We usually have tea after please bring sweet or savoury donations.

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Please bring a signed current disclaimer with you if you haven’t done so yet this season.
Don’t forget everyone is invited to join us for tea after bring a few sandwiches or cakes (savouries in shortest supply)


Cap and Subscription details on our contacts page (Adult £50/under 21 £30)

Please bring a signed current disclaimer with you, we need a new disclaimer each season but only one for each season.





Senior Master and Huntsman Bill Kear

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016